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Hostas at their best Print E-mail

kathie_hosta3_smallI often get asked, “When is the best time to visit your garden?”  The answer is definitely the month of June.  By this time, the clumps have completely unfurled, the blue hostas are their blueist, the leaves of all the hosta varieties are the most pristine and the wear and tear of the summer has yet to become evident.

June is the month of the  American Hosta Society's Annual Convention. Each year this meeting moves around the country, visiting gardens, having hosta shows and sharing hosta comradarie.  This convention is always in June because this is the month when the hostas are at their best.

Blue hostas are blue due to a wax on their leaves. When the hosta leaves first unfurl in the spring they have their heaviest wax coating. As the season progresses the wax is slowy eroded by: the sun melting the wax , leaves rubbing together, rain and water washing the wax, or maybe a neighbor stopping by to physically rub the wax away (do you remember doing that Billy?) In June the blue hostas are at their best, due to the wax still being present. Some of the best blue hostas are the new ones because the hybridizers have as a goal to make blue hostas bluer. A few of my favorite blue hostas are Hosta 'Deep Blue Sea', H. 'Silver Bay', H. 'Pewterware', H. 'Prairie Sky', H. 'Sky Dancer' and H. 'Millennium'.


Hosta 'Halcyon' with Vern's Ferns!