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     Solomon's Seals are easy to grow shade perennials that add great structure to the hosta garden. Most emerge so subtly that you barely notice them. As they elongate and develop their gentle crooks reminiscent of a shepards staff, the flowers begin to dangle delicately under the foliage.


     The 2013 Perennial Plant of the Year is Polygonatum odoratum 'Variegatum'. This very dependable selection is a must have for any shade garden. It emerges from the ground with exceptional burgundy buds in April, then develops quickly into it's beautiful architectural form. The foliage is bright green with a nice white edge that streaks along the margins. Arching to 24" tall the stems support the white pendant flowers, that develop in pairs on the undersides of the leaf axils. Having very few pests the clumps look great through the growing season and in the autumn will change to a nice golden yellow fall color.


     Here at O'Brien's we offer 17 different forms of Solomon's Seal. From the dwarf Polygonatum humile, which only grows six inches tall and spreads quickly to form a neat groundcover. To the giant Polygonatum commutatum with majestic stems that reach up to four feet tall, we have a Solomon's seal for just about any garden situation.


                                            Polygonatum odoratum 'Snowy Egret'


     A couple of our favorite forms are . . .  Polygonatum odoratum 'Double Wide', sporting an extra wide white edge. This cultivar is just now becoming slowly available from a few specialty nurseries nationwide. . . . P.o. 'Snowy Egret' a rarely offered white centered foliage type that is much requested from our display garden. . . .Polygonatum falcatum 'Silver Lining' that we divided from our garden last summer. This form has narrower leaves with a superb silver center streak  on each leaflet. . . .Finally I would be remiss not to mention Polygonatum x 'Hillside Lime' which I was able to dig from the McGourty's Hillside Nursery a couple of years ago. It has crinkled foliage with a creamy-lime margin.