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We love conifers, the cone bearing plants that are usually evergreen, but not always evergreen. Now you are saying, what are they talking about? Well Abies, Pinus, Tsuga, Pseudotsuga, Picea, Chamaecyparis, and Thujopsis are all evergreen conifers. Where as Metasequoia, Larix, and Taxodium are examples of conifers that are not evergreen. Now are you really confused? Well read on and we maybe able to help clarify a bit.

In the above paragraph we used the botanical names of some conifers. The common names will look much more familiar. Fir, pine, hemlock, spruce, etc. are all evergreen plants. Some conifers lose their needles in the fall, the most common are dawn redwood and larch. 

We have a special area at the nursery where we keep our conifers that are for sale. We offer quite a selection of dwarf, blue, weeping, gold, and twisted forms of many of these common conifers. We are friends with many conifer specialists that supply us with the unique selections of conifers that we offer. Conifers are great additions to the garden, they come in so many different textures that they create interest throughout the year but especially in the winter.

Chamaecyparis, the false cypresses are very diverse and interesting. We don't even want to try to count how many different forms of Hinoki cypress that we have in our display gardens, lets just say we like them alot. We also stock many of these great garden plants.

Our favorite conifer is the Japanese Umbrella Pine. What a great plant for dark green color, screening, specimen use and for just the feel of the needles, almost like plastic. We have a twenty year old specimen at the corner of the house and many  special cultivars growing in the gardens. We usually have plenty of the regular Japanese Umbrella Pine in a number of different sizes available in the sales yard. We also try to stock some of the selected cultivars. 

Our conifer selection is quite diverse and constantly changing. We try to offer the most unique forms we can find. Come and walk our display gardens, where you will be able to learn much more about conifers.