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A project of the Granby Agricultural Commission, Open Farm Day will be the featured event in the town of Granby on Saturday, September 9, 2017. In it's sixth year, Open Farm Day will be your chance to visit more than a dozen farms in town free of charge. The individual farms will hold demonstration and tours of the daily activities at their farms. Come and see Granby's diverse agricultural roots from horse farms, vegetable growers, dairy farms, our hosta nursery, alpaca farms, a vineyard, orchards and more...

We will have hosta dividing demonstrations at 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM. We will also lead a tour of the nursery display gardens at 3 PM. All day long visitors can participate in our plant ID quiz, and yes there will be prizes. The winner will recieve a two gallon container of Hosta 'June' for identifing the most plants in the quiz. We even potted a poison ivy plant and then placed it in a cage to keep the public from touching it. We are happy to report all of the entrants knew what poison ivy was.

For more information check out the Granby Agricultural Commissions' website at www.granbyag.org