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Cypripediums, the lady-slippers, are an almost mythical plant group. Many of us remember seeing pink lady-slippers in the woods during our childhood. They still exist out there, but there are fewer and fewer of them, however, there are a number of places here in Granby where they still can be found.


The lady-slippers that we offer are all nursery propagated and grown by a friend in western Massachusetts. Some of these are species, yet most are new hybrid cypripediums. We offer enough of a selection that you could have lady-slippers blooming in your garden from the end of April 'til the middle of June by planting different varieties.


Cypridpedium kentuckiense was the first lady-slipper we planted in our garden. We were told to place it where its roots would not be disturbed, so it went in at the base of an old white pine tree, well off a garden path. After ten years, it blooms annually and is heavily requested by our garden visitors. We will have these available in 2013 after a year break. The Kentucky lady-slipper is one of the easiest to grow; we have done nothing to ours over the years except to keep traffic away from it.


                                              Cypripedium kentuckiense in our garden in 2012


Another favorite is Cypripedium 'Gisela' which is a robust hybrid from Germany. The flowers which bloom in late May start out yellow, then develop streaks of burgundy-red. It is quite a show stopper in the garden as well as in pots. This year we will offer ten different Cypripediums; some of these we have yet to see ourselves.