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One of our favorite genera of plants is Daphne. Many daphnes have flowers with a delightful fragrance. The most commonly found variety is Daphne 'Carol Mackie'. It has variegated foliage of green with a cream edge. Forming a two-foot tall shrub with a spread of over four feet, D. 'Carol Mackie' flowers in May with small light pink flowers that emit a fragrance that can be enjoyed from up to thirty yards away.


      Daphne 'Carol Mackie' filling the garden with fragrance!

Daphnes require soils that have very good drainage for best results. We have many species and cultivars of Daphne growing in our gardens and are constantly on the look out for suppliers who grow top quality Daphnes so we can offer them to our customers. It is not an easy plant to find. Last fall we sent many cuttings to a friend who is trying to propagate them so we can have some Daphne plants to offer in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed.


                                     Daphne cneorum with Daffodils

Now for an update; our friend is having great luck propagating our daphnes, and we are doing a real good job keeping these young daphne plants happy in their pots. Daphnes are notorious for not performing well in containers, that is why they are rarely offered in garden centers. This year we will offer more than ten different selections.



                                                                        Daphne genkwa

Daphne genkwa is one of the few Daphne's that blooms without a fragrance. Yet it is very garden worthy for the exceptional flower display it has. Being a decidous shrub it's blooms are not hidden amongst the foliage, therefore it is quite effective from a distance. Come on over in early May to view our Daphne collection in bloom.