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Amazing Arisaemas Print E-mail

Most of us are aware of our indigenous form of Jack-in-the-Pulpit, an intriguing plant with an amazing flower enclosed within a secretive pouch. Even more amazing are the many different species of Arisaemas that are native to the Far East. We are very fond of these diverse exciting plants. A few are not hardy here in Connecticut, so I grow them in pots on the deck each summer. There are also many, however, that do thrive here in the northeast.


This year, we will offer eleven different forms of Arisaema. My favorite and the most requested form that is seen in our gardens is Arisaema sikokianum. This species has an amazing golf-ball sizied bright white flower that is surrounded by a purple pouch. We have a ten-year old clump in the garden that draws much attention every spring. Last year we had none to offer, so we are thrilled to have them back on the availability list this year.


Arisaema sikokianum 

Other species that will be found in our sales yard this spring will include Arisaema fargessi (Chinese Cobra Lily), A. serratum, a brown and green striped pitcher form that often has variegated leaves, and A. urashima, that has a very long whip like spadix that stretches out and winds down to the ground. All of these species are more and more amazing with closer inspection.


By now the hostas will be well on their way to filling the gardens with color. Hosta 'Liberty', a sport of H. 'Sagae', is an astounding variety that glows from quite a distance. I remember the year it came into it's own - from a hundred yards away the yellow-gold color drew my attention. H. 'Liberty' has become one of my most favorite varieties.


Hosta 'Liberty'