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With the snow cover outside on this January day, it makes us wonder how we will ever be ready for an Open Garden Day this early in April. We will busy preparing the sales yard for the upcoming season; and, yes, the hostas will be ready to be loaded into your car. 

Our customers know of the great diversity of plant material that we offer. We have many different selections of dwarf conifers and Japanese Maples that will be ready to settle into your garden.

The earliest of the spring perennials will be blooming. We wish more folks had the chance to see, our favorite hellebore, Helleborus thibetanus that booms as the snow melts off the garden in early March. It is small and dainty with light pink flowers. Fully deciduous H. thibetanus will be completely dormant soon after the Fourth of July.


          Helleborus thibetanus in the garden on March 16, 2011


Isn't it amazing how far hellebores have come in the last twenty years! They have long been outstanding stalwarts in the shade garden for their toughness, evergreen foliage and most importantly late winter flowering. Easy to grow and adaptable to many soil conditions as well as either partial sun or full shade.

Recently there has been an avid interest in hellebore breeding, resulting in an explosion of garden worthy hybrids. The number of exceptional new varieties available from the wholesale growers each year is amazing. It's always difficult to choose which ones to offer to our customers. This spring we will carry over twenty varieties and species of hellebore, including very new double and semi-double forms.


                                                Helleborus hybridus in the Garden 

Early visitors who have special requests can have us search at our growers for their unique plant desires. At this time of year we are visiting our suppliers on a more regular basis, so special requests have a much quicker turn around.

Another benefit of an early visit, on your part, is to peruse our lower fields to see our in-ground nursery stock, which can be dug on request.



Helleborus argutifolius 'Snow Fever' 

No need for flowers on this exceptional selection! We found 'Snow Fever' last spring at one of the local growers and quickly sold all we had. We have more on order for the Spring of 2017.


What follows are six images of the sales yard as spring progressed in the spring of 2011, enjoy the photos. Let's hope for a successful growing season this year. 


Sales Yard on March 12th 2011




Sales Yard on March 27th



Sales Yard on March 31st



Sales Yard on April 9th



Sales Yard on April 28th



Sales Yard on May 19th


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