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To see our list of hostas please click on the Alphabetical list in the main menu.

Explanation of columns
In an attempt to compile as comprehensive a list of hosta varieties as possible, We were forced to use many abbreviations, so a few words about the columns are in order.
The first column, is an alphabetical listing of the hosta varieties we will offer at the beginning of the season. It is added to and subtracted from throughout the whole year.
The "Size" column corresponds to the mature height of a clump. "D" stands for dwarf (less than 6"); "S" for small (6"-12"); "M" for medium (12" - 18"); "L" for large (18" - 30"); and "XL" for extra large (over 30")
The third column has a brief description of the hosta. The center color of the leaf is detailed first, followed by the edge color or another prominent feature of the variety. More detailed information can be found in a number of different books, notably, The Color Encyclopedia of Hostas by Diana Granfell; or The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis. Also, the American Hosta Society's Hosta Library website has photos of hundreds of varieties.
Next are flower characteristics. The first letter indicates the flower color ("L" for lavender; "P" for purple and "W" of white). The second two letter correspond to the month of blooming ("Jn" for June; "Jl" for July; "Au" for August and "Sp" for September. An "F" indicates fragrance and an * indicates that the flower is highly effective.
The fifth and sixth columns correspond to the mature clumps "Spread" and "Height" in inches. The "Shad" column is for shade, mainly what exposure a variety performs best in. "S" for sun, "Lt" for light shade and "F" for full shade.
Finally cost; these are the current prices at O'Brien Nurserymen. Most plants are in "5 pint" containers. Many varieties are also available in larger containers and are priced accordingly. Please feel free to call with any questions.
Ordering Information
The best way to place an order at this time will be by emailing or snail mailing us a wish list. Please include your name, street address, city and zip code, as well as your daytime and evening phone numbers. Also include a ship date, that is, a preferred date that you would like to receive your plants from us. We will confirm your order and contact you by phone or mail to request a check as payment. At this time, we will only accept cash or check as payment.
Minimum Order
Our minimum order for shipment is $35.00 (before shipping and handling charges). Connecticut orders will have to include the appropriate sales tax.
Our hosta plants will be shipped bareroot wrapped carefully to prevent damage during shipping. Shipping charges will be $15.00 for the first plant and $1.00 for each additional plant. Shipping will be via either US Postal Service or UPS.
Our hostas are guaranteed to be pest free and disease free. Our nursery is inspected annually by the State of Connecticut and we hold a current Nursery Inspection and Registration Certificate. If any problems arise during the year that we ship plants to you, please notify us immediately so we can rectify the problem.
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