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Hosta dividing demo Print E-mail

We are often asked when is the best time to divide hostas. We feel the best time to divide is in the late summerPerm_Wave_small from mid-August till the first of October. At this time of year hosta roots are actively growing and will continue to grow well into the fall. This gives the divided plants  plenty of time  to reestablish before winter and the next spring, the divided plants come up looking great. In the nursery business this is a slower time of year so it gives us a chance to divide a number of hostas from our gardens.

Many people ask about dividing in the spring, this is also an OK time to divide. We recommend that as the shoots start to elongate out of the ground the whole clump can be lifted and then carefully separated. At this time of year it is more important to get a good root mass with each division.

Sure you can take a shovel or knife and cut up your hosta clumps, but if you’d like to learn how we feather our plants apart, to disturb the roots as little as possible, come to our dividing demonstration each of the three days at noon.